Analysing Press Freedom in Asia-Pacific

About the Asia-Pacific Media Update

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The Asia-Pacific Media Update is an online platform for the Asia-Pacific media landscape. It covers 33 countries from the region and analyses the latest developments and events surrounding press freedom and freedom of speech.

Featured Stories and News

The main part of the website is the news feed and story section consisting of news posts and featured articles on Asia-Pacific’s latest developments on press freedom. News articles will be posted regularly, featured stories several times a month.

Reports and Ratings

Apart from providing a report on the current media situation in a specific country, our site features a rating system. Each country’s media situation will be reviewed, analysed and rated according to the countries’ law, safety, media conditions and Internet environment. Each category is graded from A to D, A representing a free media, and D a highly restrictive one.

Media Directory

We offer an extensive database of the most prominent media outlets in Asia-Pacific: Print, Online, TV and Radio. Here you can find all contact details and addresses.

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